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(Estd. By Govt. of Goa)

 Konkani is the language of the people pf Goa and also the Official language of this State. Its development in all fields is essential for the all round progress of people of the State. The Government of Goa was keenly desirous of bringing about speedy development of Konkani language, literature and culture for promoting the cultural unity of Goa as a whole through the medium of Konkani language and literature. Therefore, Goa Konkani Akademi to achieve the above objectives, was established by the government in 1986.

The Headquarter of the Goa Konkani Akademi is, at present, at the following address:

243, Patto Colony, Panaji-Goa 403 001

Ph.:0832 � 2437385 Tele Fax: 0832 � 2437387 / 2437920

Goa Konkani Akademi is an autonomous society registered under Societies Registration Act of 1890 and ha jurisdiction over the whole State of Goa.


The Akademi aims at bringing about speedy development of the Konkani language, Literature and Culture and also at promoting Cultural unity of this state through the Konkani language and Literature.

The Akademi for the attainment of the above aims and objectives, shall have the following functions:

1. To initiate, assist or undertake implementation of projects or schemes of research in the field of Konkani language, literature and culture.

2. To initiate, assist or undertake publication in Konkani language, the results of such research.

3. To initiate, assist or undertake publication in Konkani language of original and erudite papers, monographs, books, journal, as also of any other works in any other branch of knowledge.

4. To initiate, assist or undertake schemes of preparation and publication in Konkani language of reference literature, such as bibliographies, encyclopedias, dictionaries etc.
5. To initiate, assist or undertake preparation and publication of translation in Konkani language or classical or any other literary work of outstanding nature from various Indian and foreign languages.

6. To initiate, assist or undertake schemes for editing, translating and publishing in Konkani language relevant source material, which will have direct or indirect bearing on the history and culture of Goa.

7. To initiate, assist or undertake schemes for the preparation and publication of socio-political, cultural and literary history of Goa.

8. To find out and examine new avenues for carrying out research in any field of knowledge with a view to promoting the development of Konkani language and literature.

9. To provide financial assistance to writers and scholars for publication of their works in/or about Konkani language.

10. To provide financial assistance to literary and cultural institutions for their activities in the field of Konkani language, literature and culture.

11. To initiate, assist or organise seminars, conferences, symposia or exhibitions for the encouragement of Konkani language, literature and culture.

12. To provide books or magazines in Konkani language to the libraries and public reading rooms.

13. To give awards for excellence in studies and research in different branches of Konkani language, literature and culture.

14. to offer fellowships and scholarships to deserving scholars and students in the field of Konkani language, literature and culture.

15. To encourage the use of Konkani language in all walks of life in the state of Goa.

16. To promote the teaching and study of Konkani language, literature and culture in the State of Goa.

17. To develop linguistic, literary and cultural exchange programmes with the institutions in other parts of the country, having similar aims, objectives and activities;
18. To keep the government of
Goa informed, from time to time of the achievements of the Akademi and the activities undertaken by it or any other institution or individuals aided by the Akademi.

19. To assist and advise the Government of Goa in formulating its policies in the matter of the development of the Konkani language, literature and culture and in assisting it in their implementation.


The following are the Officers of Goa Konkani Akademi:

a)      President:

b)      Vice President:

c)      Secretary:

 The President of Goa Konkani Akademi is appointed by the Government. The Vice-President is elected by the General Council from amongst its members. The Secretary is the principal Executive Officer of Goa Konkani Akademi and is appointed by the General Council, executive Board and all the other committees which may be set up by the General Council or by the Executive Board but he is not a member of these authorities.


 The following are the authorities of Goa Konkani Akademi:-

 a)      General Council

b)      Executive Board

c)      Finance Committee

d)      Any other Standing Committee/ Committees which the General Council or the Executive Board may set up for discharging any one or more of their functions


 The General Council consists of the following:

 a)      President of Goa Konkani Akademi

b)      Vice-President of Goa Konkani Akademi

c)      Financial Advisor, who is the Finance Secretary, Government of Goa.

d)      Education Secretary, Government of Goa.

e)      Director of Department of arts and culture, Government of Goa.

f)        Chairman, Board of Secondary & higher Secondary Education, Goa.

g)      Vice-Chancellor or his nominee, Goa University.

h)      Person representing Konkani on the Executive Board of the Sahitya Akademi.

i)        A nominee of the All India Konkani Sahitya Parishad.

j)        Chairman / Vice- Chairman of the Kala Academy of Goa.

k)      Six persons each representing an institution working in the field of Konkani language, literature or culture and recognized by the Executive Board.

l)        Three persons eminent in the field of Konkani language, literature or culture nominated by the Government of Goa.

m)    Five persons working in the field of Konkani language, literature or culture to be elected in their individual capacity by the rest of the members of the General Council.

n)      A representative of the Ministry of Human Resource Development (Language Division), Government of India, New Delhi. 



 The Executive Board consists of the following members:- 

a)      President of Goa Konkani Akademi

b)      Vice-President of Goa Konkani Akademi

c)      Education Secretary, Government of Goa.

d)      Six members to be elected by the General Council from among its members.

Executive Council of Goa Konkani Akademi

Sr.No. Name & Address                    Designation                        Tel.Nos.

1.       Shri Pundalik N Naik,              President                           2340210
          Volvoi, Ponda Goa

2.       Dr Tanaji Halarnkar,               Vice President                    2412069
         'Rajangan' 9822825503
         Pundalik Nagar,
         Alto, Porvorim, Goa

Secretary,                            Member                            2420071 (o)
         Official Language
         Govt of
         New Assembly Complex
         Porvorim, Goa

Shri Tomazinho Cardozo         -- do --                            2277019 (R)
         Saipem, 9822170102
         Candolim, Bardez, Goa

5.      Prof S. M. Borges                 -- do -                              2773509 (R)
         Velim, Salcete, Goa

6.     Prof Prakash Vazrikar               Member                           2364793 (R)
        Vazri, 9422643093

7.    Dr Maria Aurora Couto                                                    2293189 (R)
      1037, Carona,
      Bardez Goa 403 523                  Member

Prof Bhushan Bhave                                                      3957130 (R)
        Pisgal,                                                                        9822588255
        Post Mardol,
        Ponda Goa                            Member

9.     Shri Datta Damodar Naik                                               2736955 (O)
        Comba, 2736846 (R)
        Margao-Goa                         Member                           9822102416

Members of Sixth General Council Goa Konkani Akademi (2006-2009)

1. Pundalik Narayan Naik                              President
2. Dr Tanaji Halarnkar                                  Vice-President
3. Finance Secretary                                   Member
4. Secretary, Official Language                     Member
5. Director, Art & Culture                             Member
6. Chairman, Board of Secondary & higher
Secondary Education, govt of goa                 Member
7. Dr Chandralekha A. D'souza                       Member
8. Shri Damodar Mauzo                                Member
9. Shri Paul Moras Member
10. Shri Jitendra Deshprabhu                        Member
11. Shri Anand Manguesh Naik                      Member
12. Shri Agnelo Fernandes                            Member
13. Shri Teotonio D'Costa                            Member
14. Shri Avdhut Kamat                                Member
15. Shri Pramod Mahadeswar                        Member
16. Shri Bhiku Bomi Naik                               Member
17. Shri Tomazinho Cardozo                         Member
18. Shri S M Borges                                    Member
19. Prof Prakash Vazrikar                             Member
20. Dr Maria Aurora Couto                           Member
21. Shri Martin Minin Fernandes                    Member
22. Prof Bhushan Bhave                              Member
23. Shri Datta Damodar Nayak                     Member
24. Joint Secretary, Ministry of Human
Resource Dev, Edu dept, govt of
india          Member
25. Joaosino Vaz
Secretary, Goa Konkani Akademi                  Member


 The President of Goa Konkani Akademi appoints the Finance Committee and it consists of the following:- 

a)      President of Goa Konkani Akademi.

b)      Finance Adviser.

c)      One member of the General Council.

d)      One member of the Executive Board

 The present Finance Committee (2006-2009) of Goa Konkani Akademi consists of the following:- 

1)      Shri Pundalik N. Naik                                                   President

2)      Dr. Tanaji Halarnkar                                                     Member

3)      Shri Damodar Mauzo                                                    Member

4)      The Finance Secretary, Govt. of Goa                            Member

 Goa Konkani Akademi draws up well in time a programme of its activities for the subsequent financial year and forwards it to the Secretary to the Government, the Directorate of Official Language, along with the Annual Budget for the approval of the Government.


 Goa Konkani Akademi carries out such direction as are issued to it by the Government, from time to time, for carrying out the aims, objectives and activities of Goa Konkani Akademi. Goa Konkani Akademi is empowered to carry out its objectives as per provisions of the Constitution of Goa Konkani Akademi.



  1. Polio Chonvor: The scheme is aimed at the publication of the first book of the write in Devnagri and Roman scripts. The book published under this scheme is mainly fiction and also research-oriented writing. 75% financial assistance is extended by Goan Konkani Akademi to publish the manuscript in a book form.
  1. Prakashan Palov: Objectives of this scheme is to encourage the publishing entrepreneur in Konkani. 50% financial assistance is provided o publish a manuscript in a book from in the pre-publication assistance scheme (Pratibha- Sanman) and 100 copies are purchased by Goa Konkani Akademi under post publication assistance scheme (Sahitya- Prabha).
  1. Reference-book Publication: Goa Konkani Akademi provides financial assistance to publish research oriented writing in the form of Reference books having academic importance, other than text books.
  1. Lokved- documentation Preservation & Research: Goa Konkani Akademi has a section of folklore (lokved) for preservation and promotion of folk-arts, folk-literature, folk-drama etc. documentation in the form of photography &Audio � Visuals is done and made available for researchers / scholars / readers
  1. Dictionaries & Vocabularies Publications: Goa Konkani Akademi has taken up a mega-project of publishing a dictionary-cum-encyclopedia of Konkani language titled �Shabada- Sagar�. So far two volumes have been published already. Konkani- Hindi, Hindi- Konkani and English- Romi Konkani Dictionaries are under preparation. A Konkani thesaurus is planned to be published shortly. Second edition of English- Hindi- Konkani vocabulary is published, besides an English- Konkani Dictionary of nearly 14,000 entries.
  1. Education: Seminars / Symposia / Workshop / Training / Conferences etc. are organized frequently to create awareness in different educational issues as well as to produce reading material in literature, criticism etc. Educational Scholarship from 2006-2007 have been established in the subject of Konkani at the k\level of graduation (B.A.), post graduation (M.A.) and research (Ph.D.). Besides, the Goa Konkani Akademi is planning to institute prizes for Konkani subjects at SSC, Twelth, BA and MA examination.
  1. Knowledge of Konkani Certificate Test: �Knowledge of Konkani� has been made compulsory by Govt. of Goa. The certificate of this test is essential for a candidate seeking a job in Government Departments. Goa Konkani Akademi issues the necessary certificates on request by the candidate after conducting a test.
  1. Konkani Certificate Courses: Konkani Certificate Examinations. These are six exams conducted on four different levels. All the details concerning these exams are contained in the booklet entitled �Konkani Promannport Poriksha� (Konkani Certificate Examinations) published by the Akademi and which is available at its office in Panjim.
  1. Children�s Literature: Goa Konkani Akademi extends financial help for publishing children�s literature / Children�s meets, males etc. are also organized.
  1. Special Publication: Monographs of literary heroes of Konkani are published by the Goa Konkani Akademi. It has already publisher in four volumes the entire works of �Shennoi Goembab�, the father of modern Konkani prose.
  1. Translations and Transliterations: Under this scheme, award winning / famous rare books from other languages are translated into Konkani & vice-versa. Attempts are also being made to transliterate writing into Devnagri from Romi and other scripts and vice-versa.
  1. Cultural Section: Goa Konkani Akademi has been organizing five-day Drama Festivals every year, since 1993. These festivals are organized at different places with special emphasis on rural areas. Selected modern plays (Konkani drama and tiatr) are staged in these festivals. Goa Konkani Akademi also has a scheme known as �Natak � Tiatr Mandd� under which the scripts of play, both Drammas & tiatras fit to be performed on festivals occasiona (zatras, Kale, feasts) are published in book form (both in Devnagari as well as Roma Scritp).

Goa Konkani Akademi has also been organizing 2/3 days literary conferences annually for the youth over the last five years. Hundreds of youths participate in the various literary competitions and present their literature during these conferences and take guidance from the Seniors Akademi Also organizes/ extends finance to organize various literary & cultural competitions

13. Library: Goa Konkani Akademi has a very rich library named �Mgr.                                   Daigado Vaachanalay� with around 6,000 titles ranging from topics like language, literature, literary criticism, history, folklore etc. in Konkani, English, Marathi and Hindi and a few rare titles in Portuguese as well. It also has a special section of magazines and periodicals in Konkani, Marathi, English and Hindi which includes local publication as well as those from the neighboring states. So also, it has some national level magazines like �Indian Literature� (English) and �Samakaleen Bharatiya Sahitya� (Hindi) published by Sahitya Akademi, New Delhi.Besides these activities, Akademi organizes/ collaborates with institutions like Central Institute of Indian Languages (CIL), Maysore, Sahitya Akademi, New Delhi, National Book Trust (NBT), New Delhi, Commission for Scientific and Technical Termonology (HRD), New Delhi etc. i organizing book exhibitions, publication ceremonies, literary conferences, seminars, workshops etc

14. Promotion of Konkani Sangeet (Music):

a)      Workshops & Seminars

b)      Publication of Books on Konkani music (Devnagri and Romi)

c)      Assistance for Organizing Sangeet Melas (Musical Meets), programme and offers Sponsorship for Indian and Western Music.

      15. Konkani books Sale Counter cum Exhibition centers:

Goa Konkani Akademi has already opened a Konkani books sale cum             exhibition center in the premises of the Akademi�s office in Panjim. Where the books published by Goa Konkani Akademi and also by other publishers are available. A network of such centers will be commissioned in future, at taluka level, in association with Konkani Institutions. 


Aim of the Scheme: Financial Assistance for writer�s first ever Publication

Terms and Conditions of the Scheme

  1. This scheme is application to those applicant / writer�s, none of whose books has been published so far. (A particular writer shall also be eligible, even if the writer concerned has, to his credit, any small booklet or if he has collaborated with someone else in the writing of any book)
  1. This scheme is meant for writers in the Devnagari & Romi scripts. The Akademi shall decide, from time to time, the ratio of expenditure between publication of Devnagri and Romi scripts.
  1. The Editorial Board appointed by the Akademi shall evaluate the merit of the manuscripts and shall recommend to the Akademi only those that are worth publishing.
  1. The Akademi shall pay the Publisher 75% of the Printing Cost to publish the selected manuscript.
  1. The applicant / writer shall have to submit three copies of the manuscript to the Akademi. These manuscripts shall have been written as per the orthographic rules approved by Akademi.
  1. The applicant / writer shall clearly write his / her full name, complete address, phone number etc. on the manuscript.
  1. The manuscript shall have to be in the form of a clear press-copy. It may be in the form of a typed script or typeset script. In case it is submitted in the form of Photostat copies of the newspaper / magazine clippings, they should be clear and prepared neatly with sufficient margins / spaces.
  2. The Akademi shall not accept manuscripts which do not seem to adhere to these norms.The Akademi shall invite the writer whose manuscript is selected for publishing and shall arrange his / her meeting with the publishers. The accepted manuscript shall then be published through that publisher.
  1. The Akademi shall arrange to give to the writer of the selected manuscript, through the publisher, 50 copies of the printed book.
  1. If the writer of the selected manuscript wishes to be the publisher of his/her own work himself/herself, the Akademi may allow him/ her to do so provided the Akademi is sufficient convinced.
  1. The publisher shall have to print the selected manuscript according to the terms and a condition lay down by the Akademi and has to follow the Orthographic Rules prepared by the Akademi.
  1. The last date for submitting the manuscript to the Akademi shall be notified from time to time.
  1. Manuscript shall be accepted at the office of the Akademi at 243, Patto Colony, Panaji-Goa 403 001.
  1. The selected write shall mention on the credit � page in bold letters that �the book has been published under Goa Konkani Akademi�s Poilo Chonvor Scheme�.
  1. The pricing of the book shall not be more than three times the cost of the production, put in by the publisher (i.e. total cost minus the Akademi�s assistance). However, in exceptional cases, at its discretion, the Akademi may allow higher pricing, if the publisher has incurred greater expenditure to enhance the quality of the book.
  1. Goa Konkani Akademi reserves the right to cancel / recover the financial assistance, at any stage, on account of applicant�s non-compliance of any of the above rules.
  1. The applicant shall give the undertaking, at the time of the payment of the first installment of the financial assistance that he/she has not and shall not obtain any financial assistance for the publication, once he/she has already claimed financial assistance from Goa Konkani Akademi.

SAHITYA � PRABHA SCHEME (Pre- publication financial assistance)

Aim of the Scheme: Providing financial assistance to writer�s to publish their own books.

 Terms & Conditions of the Scheme:

  1. Any Goan Konkani write, may he/she be writing either in Devnagri or Romi script may participate in this scheme. However, incase it is the first ever book of the writer, the Akademi shall decide whether or not, it should be accepted under this scheme.
  1. Any aspirant wishing to avail of the assistance under this scheme shall submit three copies of his/her manuscript along with the prescribed Application Form. The application forms are available at the Goa Konkani Akademi�s Office in Panjim. The manuscript should be clearly hand-written or typed or typeset. No manuscript submitted in the form of paper cutting or in any other form shall be accepted.
  1. Goa Konkani Akademi has appointed an Editorial Board to select the manuscript form amongst those received. The Akademi shall provide financial assistance to those manuscripts selected and recommended by the Editorial Board.
  1. The Akademi shall decide as to how many books shall be selected (or rejected) for assistance under this scheme.
  1. The Akademi shall give maximum of 50% financial assistance under this scheme as per the ratio of printing finalized by the Akademi.
  1. One page of the book to be published under this scheme shall be reserved for �Akademi�s introductory remark�s� and it shall have to be mentioned under the Credit page in bold letter�s that � the book has been publisher\d under Akademi�s Sahityaprabha Scheme�
  1. The writer shall have to give to Akademi 50 complimentary copies of the book after it has been published.
  1. The number of copies to be printed under this scheme shall be 500 or any other depending on the discretion of the Akademi (but not more than 1000).
  1. This scheme offers financial assistance only to the first edition of the book. Incase it is the second edition or any reprint, the executive committee may, at its discretion, take suitable decision.
  1. The writer concerned shall have to confirm, before the actual printing of the book that the Orthographic and all the other rules of the Akademi are followed.
  1. The manuscript accepted by the Akademi for publishing under this scheme should be such as not having obtained/ shall not obtain financial assistance from any other individual/ institution/ committee etc.
  1. The Akademi shall invite the writer of the book accepted for publishing and arrange a meeting with the publisher. The writer is free to choose any of the publishers for printing his/her manuscript. The Akademi shall pay 50% of financial assistance to the proposed publisher only after the latter accepts the above rules and signs the contract. The balance payment of 50% shall be cleared on submission of 50 copies of the book along with the printing bill.
  1. Incase the author of the book wishes to select a publisher other than any one of those suggested by the Akademi or if he/she wishes to be his/her own publisher, the Akademi shall take appropriate decision after ascertaining the actual position.
  1. The printing of the book shall not be more than three times the cost of production, put in by the publisher, (i.e. total cost minus the Akademi�s assistance). However, in exceptional cases, at its discretion, the Akademi may allow higher pricing, if the publisher has incurred greater expenditure to enhance the quality of the book.
  1. The Akademi reserves the right to withdraw or to cancel the offer of financial assistance in case the book is not printed as per the Akademi�s norms, rules and regulations or if there are mistakes in the book. The Akademi also reserves the right to recover, at any stage, the amount of financial assistance from the publisher, in case of non-compliance of Akademi�s rules/ norms/ conditions.


(Post Publication Financial Assistance)

Aim of the Scheme:    (1) To encourage the publishers.

(2)   To bring about book-publishing in a greater bulk by 

      giving a boost to sales of book.

(3)   To make available books by way of gift to deserving 


.     Terms & Conditions of the Scheme:

1)      This scheme shall be applicable to Konkani books in the Devnagri and Romi scripts. 

2)      This scheme is open to any publisher who publishes Konkani books in the Devnagri and Romi script. However, for the purpose of this scheme, the Goan publisher shall receive priority.

3)      The publisher can avail of the benefit of financial assistance by applying within a period of one year from the date of actual publication of the book.

4)      The Application should be accompanied by three copies of the book.

5)      The book shall reach the Editorial Board appointed by the Goa Konkani Akademi. The decision regarding the number of copies to be bought by the Akademi shall be based on the opinion of the Editorial Board. The decision in this regard shall be taken by the Goa Konkani Akademi on the basis of the kind of  the book, its level/merit, price, the budgetary provision of the Akademi for this scheme etc. taking this in account, four grades/ grouping �A�,�B�,�C�, and �D� have been earmarked.

Books under �A� grade           100 or mare copies

Books under �B� grade           75copies

Books under �C� grade           50 copies and

Books under �D� grade           25 copies shall be purchased by the Akademi


6)      A publisher can apply for any number of different books provided they come under the above rules and regulation of the scheme.

7)      Books published by government departments or institutions, semi-government institutions and educational establishment shall not be eligible for assistance under this scheme.

8)      Only a limited number of copies of books published with the financial assistance from any individual, institution or Committee (Felicitation Committee) etc. or published under any other scheme of Goa Konkani Akademi shall be purchased. The decision in the regard shall be taken by the Akademi in the Executive Board meeting on those particular occasions as and when they arise.

9)      The decision as regards, whether or not, books published with the help of advertisements should be purchased, will be taken by Goa Konkani Akademi in the Executive Board meetings from time to time as an when the occasion arises.

10)  In no case, the second edition of any book shall be eligible for assistance under this scheme. However, this rule (on the recommendation of the Executive Board) may be relaxed / waived in cases of rare and valuable books.

11)  Educational text books, regards, guides etc. shall not be eligible under this scheme.

12)  Books of children�s literature or written for children are not eligible for assistance under this scheme

13)  Incase it is printed on the book that �price according to the year�, the Akademi shall purchase that book as per the price mentioned for the year in which it was purchased.

14)  Goa Konkani Akademi reserves the price to decide the price of the book as per its own norms and rules and buy the copies or reduce the number of copies it would like to purchase, incase the Akademi feels that the pricing is under swerving high. The publisher shall have to allow the Akademi a commission of Minimum 25%


 Aims and Objectives:

             It is a well known fact that most of us have not been able to acquire primary education through our mother � tongue Konkani, as medium of instruction, nether could we get the benefit of studying Konkani as one of the optional or additional subject. It is quite likely that many of those who have gone through this anomaly might now be willing to study this language systematically, to enhance their knowledge of it and obtain an authentic certificate by answering some examination. Goa Konkani Akademi has formed two committee for the purpose 1) Syllabus Committee, 2) Examination Committee.

 Thus, with a view to enable Konkani populace, and also, for people speaking language other than Goa�s Office Language, Konkani, Goa Konkani Akademi took a decision in the year 2001 to conduct such courses and exams in order to create facilities towards the above mentioned need. These examinations are called �Konkani Pramannpotr Pariksha� (Konkani Certificate Examination) and they are conducted on four different levels.

 Konkani is the spoken language of Goa it is also Goa�s Official language. Learning Konkani in a systematic manner can facilitate a better rapport with the society and it could be used beneficially in the day - to � day dealings. At the same time, one should be able to express one�s thoughts and opinions more easily and clearly. These considerations have been given due weightage while preparing the syllabi.

 These Certificate exams are open to all students and common citizens irrespective of any age limit. The syllabi for all these four exams are available at the office of the Akademi, following are the four levels at which these examination are formulated.

  1. Konkani Prarambh Pariksha                 (Level of Std. Fifth)
  2. Konkani Pravesh Pariksha                    (Level of Std. Eighth)
  3. Konkani Parichay Pariksha                  (Level of Std. Tenth)
  4. Konkani Pravin Pariksha                      (Level of Std. Twelth)

 Akademi shall conduct the following two courses in future


  1. Konkani ParangatPariksha                 (Level of Graduation) from 2007-2008
  2. Konkani Pradnya Pariksha                 (Level of Post-Graduation) from 2007-2008

 Rules, Regulation and Procedure:

  1. The Akademi conducts these exams once every year.
  1. The students are examined by the written papers and orals.
  1. Aims, objectives and syllabus about these exams are given in details in the booklet published by the Akademi.
  1. Candidates are expected to pay the fees as to be prescribed from time to time while submitting their application forms
  1. A candidate may answer any exam to begin with. However, he/she can answer only one exam during a year.
  1. The candidate�s seat nos., examination centers and dates shall be notified by the Akademi prior to the examination.
  1. Candidates are expected to study on their own and answer these examinations. Moreover, the Akademi may arrange contact-lecturers for the candidates.
  1. The fees once paid for these exams are non � refundable even if the candidate is unable to answer the examination. In case the candidate applies again for any examination, it will be treated as fresh application.
  1. Candidates are free to make use of Akademi�s Mgr. Dalgado Library in Panjim- Goa.


 The Preamble:

Shri Zenaides R.E.T. Morenas from Chandor, Goa, proposed to the Goa Konkani Akademi that he wished to institute a Konkani Research Fellowship in memory of his late mother Clarissa Vaz e Morenas and he showed his willingness to deposit a sizable amount by way of permanent Fund foe the purpose, from the interest of which the fellowship could be given. The Akademi accepts this proposal and decides to invest the amount deposited by Shri Zenaides Morenas and the above Scheme is being carried on from the interest accruing from that Fund.

 Rules governing this Fellowship:

1.      The nomenclature of the fellowship shall be the �Clarissa Vaz e Morenas Konkani research Fellowship�.

 2.      Goa Konkani Akademi shall offer the research fellowship of Rs. 15000/- (Rupees Fifteen Thousand only) for a duration of two years. The fellowship has come into operation from the year 2003-2005.

3.      Any person who has obtained a Graduation Degree from any University in any subject is eligible for the fellowship. The executive Board shall have the discretion to relax this Eligibility � criterion if found necessary.

4.      It is mandatory that the research is in Konkani language and written in the same language.

5.      The research must be complete within the stipulated period of two years.

6.      The applicant shall have to apply in the given proforma meant for the purpose ad full information sought therein shall have to be furnished along with.

7.      It is essential that the application has not been receiving any sort of financial assistance in any form from any other source for research on the subject for which this fellowship is sanctioned.

8.      The applicant may select any one of the subject / topic from those given below:-

        The history of the Konkani language

        The Development of Modern Konkani from the Ancient / Old Konkani.

        The Phonetics of Konkani with reference to its past from in comparison with the present, the way of its pronunciation at present and the Evolution of its Phonetics.

        The study of Konkani with reference to the roots of the words and their Etymology.

        The Sudy of Konkani Vocabulary on the basis of Semantics, the Study of Konkani with reference to change in meaning of the Konkani vocables.

        The Impact of other languages on the Konkani Vocabulary; the study of Konkani vocabulary as borrowed from other languages; the new additions in Konkani vocabulary and the vocabulary that has been obsolete.

        The Study of the Grammatical Formation of Konkani words and sentences Konkani sandhis, Konkani society, so also, gender / number / cases / tenses and the study  of the formation of variations that are effected by their operation on words; the Study of the Formation of phrases.

        Preparing various terminologies and professional vocabularies compiling terminologies in Konkani necessary for various different fields / sciences in Konkani professions / vocations (agriculture, toddy � tapping, bakery work, masonry etc.)

        Orthography of Konkani

        Literary � criticism, Evaluation, both historic or comparative

9.      The Scrutiny Committee appointed by the Akademi shall scan the applications received and recommend the suitable case to the Executive Board and the said Board shall take a decision on that recommendation. The Goa Konkani Akademi shall appoint an expert as a resource person cum guide for the benefit of the research.

10.  The Akademi shall disburse the amount of fellowship in four installments. However, it shall take into consideration the recommendations of the Observation Committee prior to release of every installment.

11.   The applicant carrying on research under this scheme shall have to submit six monthly written report of work completed along with reworked from the grade and he will have to submit the complete written work to the Akademi after completion of the project.

12.  The Akademi reserves the right to withdraw the fellowship at any time at its discretion, incase the researcher evinces inadequate interest in the project or if the Observation Committee recommends the stoppage of the fellowship.

13.  The applicant who has availed of this fellowship should not submit the same project or if the same project for grant or fellowship to any other institution.

14.  The Akademi reserves the right to publish the work submitted to it at the project in any research journal or in any form. In case the researcher so wishes, he / she shall have the liberty to publish the result of the research at any other price. However, it is mandatory to make a clear mention of the fact that the said research was undertaken with the assistance of Goa Konkani Akiademi�s Clarissa Vaz e Morenas Research Fellowship.



 Terms & Conditions:

 1.      Goa Konkani Akademi shall pay publisher 50% of the printing cost of the book.

2.      The manuscript accepted for publishing by Goa Konkani Akademi shall have to be printed according to the orthographic rules prepared by the Akademi.

3.      In case it is found necessary to effect any changes in the content or the title of any manuscript, it is mandatory to obtain prior written permission from the Goa Konkani Akademi.

4.      This financial assistance is given for printing of maximum copies of 1000 of the book.

5.      The outer Cover of the book shall be in four colors, whereas the inner illustration should be in 2 colours.

6.      The Akademi shall accept the book in minimum 32 pages and maximum 64 pages depend upon the age group of the writing under this scheme.

7.      The pricing of the book should not exceed three times the printing cost, deducting the amount of financial assistance received from Goa Konkani Akademi. But in exception cases, if the publisher has incurred greater expenditure in order to enhance the quality of the book, the Akademi may, at its discretion, allow higher pricing.

8.      The statement, �This book has been published under the Children�s Literature Scheme of Goa Konkani Akademi� shall have to appear on the page, on which the price of the book is mentioned.

9.      It is mandatory on the publisher not to take any financial assistance from other institution for the book accepted under this scheme for financial assistance.

10.  50% of the total grant sanctioned by the Akademi shall be paid by way of the first installment only after the Akademi receives the complete compose of the manuscript on submission of the first proofs, officials.

11.  The balance 50% payment shall be made by the Akademi on receiving 100 (One Hundred) copies of the book as complimenting along with the original Printing Bill.

12.  Goa Konkani Akademi reserves the right to review/ withhold/cancel the payment of grant incase the book is not published within the stipulated time frame.

13.  Goa Konkani Akademi reserves the right to withhold / review / cancel the payment of grant sanctioned under this scheme, at any stage, in case of non � compliance of Akademi�s rules / norms by the applicant.

14.  The applicant has to give an undertaking, stating that he / she has not received / shall not receive any financial assistance from any other source for the same publication.


Goa Konkani Akademi conducts in memory of Joao Agostinho Fernandes, the father of Konkani Tiatr every year, a Tiatr (script) competition in order to encourage writer�s working in the arena of tiatr. First, second and third are the three Prizes awarded for this competition. The first prize � winning manuscript of the tiatr shall be purchased by the Akademi in a book form.

 The writer of the tiatr has full freedom to choose his / her subject. But it is expected that it should be presented in a new, original manner. It is necessary to note that the �cantar�s and comedy are integral aspect of the tiatr. Any person can participate in the competition. There is no age bar whatsoever.

 Terms and Conditions of the Competition:

 1)      The manuscript of the tiatr may be written either in Devnagri or the Romi script.

 2)      The tiatr script should be good enough from stageability point of view.

 3)      The script, if staged, should be of minimum of one hour and maximum of the duration of one hour and a half.

 4)      The Script should consist of at least three parts (�podd�dde).

 5)      It is necessary that, there is atleast three parts (podd�dde). To the maximum, it may be of seven parts (podd�dde).

 6)      A candidate may submit one or more scripts as entries for the competition. However, only one of them shall be selected for a prize, if any.

 7)      The manuscript may be hand written, typed or typeset and it shall be written clearly with sufficient margins, so also only on one side of the paper. The pages should be numbered properly.

 8)      Three copies of the manuscript should be submitted along with full name of the writer, address and phone number by the stipulated last date for the submission of the entries.

 9)      The Scrutiny Committee appointed by the Akademi shall select three Scripts on merit. This decision shall be binding on all participants.

 10)  The entries may be submitted personally or sent at the office of Goa Konkani Akademi.


 Terms & Conditions:

  1. The Goa Konkani Akademi shall, during every financial year, after notifying through the Press, invite proposals for production of Musical activity in Konkani. These proposals shall be towards production of Classical as well as and light modern Konkani musical programme.
  1. The proposals may be submitted to the Akademi by institutions working in the field of music, by individual musicians, singers etc.
  1. Full details (including the financial implications thereof) concerning the production of the musical programme shall have to be submitted. These will contain the names of the lyricists, composer, singer, accompanists so and so forth. The application shall also have to furnish details regarding the nature of the production and its speciality.
  1. The Recommendation Committee consisting of experts in Musical on receiving the proposal from the applicants and after scrutinizing them will recommend the deserving ones for the financial assistance
  1. The Akademi will decide as to how to utilize the financial provisions made under this section of music, basing its consideration on the scope of the programmes, its merits, the experience of those involved in its production and relevant particulars.
  1. i) The financial assistance sanctioned shall be limited to the production cost and

the expenses incurred for the first performance only                                        

      ii) An Observer shall be present on behalf of the Akademi and the financial   assistance will be paid on the basis of the observer�s report. 

     iii) The date, time and venue of the first performance shall have to be intimated to   the Akademi at lest eight days earlier

  1. The holder of the sanction for financial assistance from the Akademi under this scheme shall be free to receive any help from any other source, either in cash or in kind.
  1. During every performance staged under this scheme, it is mandatory to make a/an mention/announcement that �Goa Konkani Akademi has extended financial assistance to the production of the programme�
  1. The Akademi shall disburse the amount sanctioned under this scheme after the first performance is staged but not before receiving certified bills of the entire expenditure, photographs, newspaper cutting / clipping of news / advertisements / reviews (Photostat copies) and other relevant details regarding the musical programme.


 Terms & Conditions:

 1.      This Scholarship is open only to students studying in Goa

 2.      At present Akademi giving this Scholarship in the following three categories:

a)      B.A (Konkani) (Rs 6,000/- per annum),

b)      M.A. (Konkani) (Rs 8,000/- per annum) and

c)      Ph.D. (Konkani) (Rs.10,000/- per annum)

 3.      The essential criteria for obtaining scholarship in each of the above categories shall be a minimum of 50% marks in the subject of Konkani in the previous course.

 4.      Besides the above criterion of 50% marks, proper weight shall also be given to the concerned student�s study / activity / contribution / involvement / commitment etc. to / for / in the field of Konkani while granting this scholarship.

 5.      Priority shall be given to student�s who are not gainfully employed. However, due consideration shall be given to those students who are employed and whose monthly income is less than Rs 3,000/-. In case the applicant�s monthly income happens to exceed this limit of Rs.3, 000/- at any time during the period of scholarship, it shall be discontinued from then onwards.

 6.      In case of sufficient number of application are not received in a particular category of the scholarship, the excess amount thus available shall be utilized for disbursing as scholarship to applicants in other categories.

 7.      The Scholarship shall be disbursed in two installments. The first such installment shall be given during the first term of the Course. The installment for the second term, whether or nit to grant, shall depend on the student�s performance / progress during the first term. The students shall have to submit fresh application in the beginning of every new academic year.

 8.      The Selection Committee appointed by the Akademi shall, after scrutinizing the applications received shall select the students for scholarships through personal interview. The decision of the Selection Committee shall be binding on the applicants.

 9.      Goa Konkani Akademi reserves the right a to which category should not be allotted the scholarship amount, how many scholarship should be given during a particular year or should stop them etc. Similarly, the Akademi also reserves the right to effect changes in the quarter of these scholarships.

 10.  The applicants are expected to submit their applications in the prescribed form and within the prescribed date for the purpose.

 11.  Goa Konkani Akademi further reserves the right to hold the scholarship already sanctioned and also to recover with the amount paid to any applicant, in case it is found that the details furnished by any applicant are found to be false or misleading.

 12.  The Head of the Institute shall submit a six month report to Goa Konkani Akademi reporting the educational progress of the scholarship holder during the period of the scholarship.



  1. At present, Konkani books are being published in large numbers through assistance from the government, semi � government and non � governmental institutions. Konkani books are published every year. Books in Devnagri, Romi, Kannada and Malayalam script in a large number and it is increasing in geometrical progression.
  1. The Konkani medium / subject is being taught and studied right from the pre-primary to the post-graduation levels. The new generation is showing greater awareness towards Konkani and is getting attracted through the Konkani daily �Sunaparant� and various cultural, linguistic, literary and educational activities organized numerous institutions. On this backdrop, it is heartening to note that a happy mentality is getting generated towards habit of reading Konkani books and periodicals with greater generation toward habit of reading Konkani books and periodicals with greater enthusiasm. In the circumstances, it becomes necessary that books of Konkani literature be easily and readily available nearby to the enhanced readership.
  1. At present, Konkani Bhasha Mandal at Margao and Goa Konkani Akademi at Panjim have Konkani books sale counters where, on the average, books worth Rs. 4000/- to 5000/- are sold every month. It is also experienced that Konkani books get sold in considerable numbers during Konkani literary meets, conferences and culture functions. It may thus be easily guessed that a growing mentality of reading books in Konkani is ready, if the reading material is readily available.
  1. Keeping in view the new trend and taking due advantage of the changed attitude of readers towards Konkani, the Goa Konkani Akademi, with the objective of strengthening the Konkani readership promotion movement has devised a scheme which is as follows:-

 Administrative Arrangement:

 1.      One/two such sale counters to be stated in every taluka of Goa

2.      There are �Konkani Seva Kendra�s in almost every taluka of Goa. These are to be involved in this scheme and it is intended to proceed with their co-operation.

 3.      These Konkani centers have been active in their respective areas; hence this will facilitate the ready availability of the necessary men � power and administrative machinery.

 4.      The managers and workers of these centers have been persons who had been actively involved in the Konkani Movement all long. This fact shall go a long way, in imbibing and cultivating the Konkani reading to a large extent.

 Financial Affairs:


  1. These book sale centres shall get, with 50% commission, Goa Konkani Akademi�s own publications and also those published under its various financial assistance schemes and available with it.
  1. Initially, in order to encourage the sale of book, the Akademi shall deliver the book on its own at these centers. Later, after assessing the response, this facility of delivery may not be continued.
  1. The books shall be given to these centres or credit. The accounting regarding purchase and sale (i.e. the turnover) will be done after every three � month period.
  1. The infrastructure expenditure for establishing the sale counters (Rupees ten thousand approximately, for every center) shall be borne by the Akademi makes by selling books at its office counter in Panaji. For the present this infrastructural facility shall be given to these sale centers on credit basis.
  1. The person who looks after the affairs the affaires of sale at these centers shall be paid some remuneration and it will be met by the center concerned through the amount it receives by way of commission from the Akademi. The quantum of the remuneration may be in the form of a stipulated fixed sum or on commission basis.
  1. The scheme is to be implemented in the form of Exhibition cum Sale of Konkani books
  1. The sale centres are free to sell Konkani books published by any other publisher apart from selling Akademi�s publications.
  1. This scheme which is being envisaged initially as incentive for sale of Konkani books shall later be carried forward on a profit � no loss basis and finally on profit making basis.



Click Here To Download  Citizens Charter With Forms for - Poilo Chonvor Scheme, Sahitya Prabha Scheme, Pratibha Sanman Scheme, Konkani Certificate Examination, Clarissa Vaze MorenasKonkani Research Fellowship, Knowledge of Konkani Certificate Test, Financial Assistance to musical programme production scheme, Konakni Educational Scholarship

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